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Sacred Touch

There is an inherent intelligence, at the core of our beings,
which bestows on us a far greater capacity for healing
than we can cajole with our will or willpower alone.

The practitioner/author of this website is a seasoned bodywork professional,
a trained/licensed spiritual counselor and offers a wealth of "Presence" and skill.

Please enjoy the lovely YouTube video below.
Afterward, you may peruse the writings found at the bottom of this page,
which include an ongoing, unfolding and ever-evolving experience in the life of this practitioner, in addition to client experience.

(The information presented on this page is intended to assist clients in choosing and receiving Sacred Touch and Therapeutic Bodywork.)

(With permission and courtesy of Rebecca Mauldin, please enjoy this relaxing embedded YouTube link containing instruction to clients receiving Spiritual Massage.)
Spiritual Massage:
Receiving Sacred Bodywork

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Spiritual Massage: Receiving Sacred Bodywork

Suggestions from Rebecca Mauldin, nationally certified massage therapist and owner of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts RMIHA (http://www.instituteofhealingarts.com) on making your next massage therapy session a spiritual one. Includes beautiful photography and relaxing music. Text version available at http://massageeducation.blogspot.com/2008/07/spiritual-massage-suggestions-for.html
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The two text references below are fairly lengthy and are intended to assist prospective clients in making decisions in choosing to receive
*therapeutic and *healing (sacred) bodywork.

*healing: In this context the term "healing" is referred to as a spiritual release or surrender of either karmic and/or emotional blocks which are held at the level of cellular memory and when released bring a change in the essence of expression. It may or may not bring a change physically.

*therapeutic: many times can bring a change physically simply by virtue of the stress reduction alone with appropriately and skilled application of well delivered technique.

Reflections on Sacred Touch & Therapeutic Bodywork
The writings contained in the below two boxes are a reflection of an unfolding experience in the life of the author and have been gifts for which there are actually no words;
therefore, what you read here is only an attempt to communicate a very non-linear experience using the limited linear modality of language.

Therapeutic Bodywork & Sacred Touch

I have a refined set of tools of bodywork modalities. Many of these tools are corrective in nature and suggest the outcome of being fixed or cured of some physical ailment or discomfort. I have used these tools in this manner for many years and have been successful. However, I always still used a consciousness of sacred touch by virtue of who I am; it is my nature. I cannot approach this kind of connection any other way.

Content and Context

This combination of the sacred and concrete I liken unto a concept addressed by Dr. David R. Hawkins, PhD, MD. He speaks of the contrast between “content” and “context.” Context means the bigger picture – the overall idea behind something. Context can be applied to more than one event or idea in life. Context has to do with “meaning.” Whereas, content is the specifics that fills the context. Take for example a bowl of fruit. The fruit could be apples, or oranges, or blueberries or fake fruit. The bowl remains just the bowl. The bowl is unaffected by the fruit is holds – it is just a bowl. The bowl however is the basic substrate from which the fruit is presented. It would be the fruit that gets the attention of the beholder. It is the fruit that seems to be the important element, if you were served a bowl of fruit. But, the bowl remains beyond the fruit – it has the element of eternalness. The fruit can come and go but the bowl remains. The bowl is the context and the fruit the content. Therapeutic Bodywork is the content and Sacred Touch an experience, which makes up the context.

Tool Set and Consciousness

So, when I use my repertoire of tools, those tools are concrete, real. They are the content. What supports those tools is the consciousness (context) with which the tools are used or presented. It would appear that the tools are what bring about a change, transformation or a healing. Tools can vary, but the healing is what lies within each being – at the Source (context). That Source is accessed by virtue of consciousness. Consciousness is available to all, all the time. By devoting oneself to the intentional accessing of consciousness on an ongoing basis, one becomes well practiced. It is this accessing of the healing aspect, consciousness, which taps into the true healing tools – those of Source which ever increase the context of a field, which supports a healing environment within. The content of the concrete tools all “look good” but they are simply the outward manifestation of the experience. It is the inner connection and willingness (context) of the receiver of bodywork that is the catalyst for change.

Therapeutic Bodywork + Sacred Touch = Sacred Bodywork

It is not the refined set of tools, or the fabulous tools (content) within it, or even the therapist who wields those tools, which bring about the results one experiences when receiving profound bodywork. It is the context, the consciousness, and the client’s willingness, that sets the stage for profound bodywork, i.e. Sacred Touch.

As the Beatles song from the 70’s suggested – “…and, in the end… the love you take, is equal to the love - you make.” Giving is receiving and receiving is giving. One cannot give if there is no one to receive. Giving and receiving sacred bodywork is one-and-the-same. In as much as it seems like a conundrum to say that there is no giver or receiver, one cannot happen without the other. There is an old biblical quote: “where two or more are gathered together…,” or another wise statement “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This is the essence of the sacred bodywork experience. A sacred experience can happen through using a refined set of tools; however, a refined set of tools cannot in and of itself bring about a sacred experience.

Sacred Touch

Facilitator Experience

(Please note that following information is from the perspective of the therapist in order to convey the quality of touch offered.)

I can best communicate what sacred touch is, by describing my experience as a therapist. When I enter into communion with another human being through sacred touch, I begin by deepening my awareness into the sea of a larger essence. I close my eyes, open my breath and reach into the reservoir of divinity within. As my breath deepens, so does the breath of my client. Together we enter into a state of expanded awareness. The apparent separation between my hands and the clients form disappears. I experience the limitlessness of both of our beings as my hands meticulously execute the multitude of professional therapeutic bodywork techniques, and I am delivered into a blissful state of compassion and tenderness. My palpations and strokes are guided, authentic and integrated as part of the basic essence of my being; there is an absence of mentation. I am free to bond at a very deep level of intuitive connection to the persons being.

How The Client is Effected

The quality of this kind of compassionate touch, which comes from a state of awareness such as described above, provides a level of safety, wherein the client can find deep relaxation and stillness, and the powerful inner healer is activated. This is the level of safety in which one can surrender old hurts, and release resistance's. All possible expectations and perceived outcomes are surrendered into a deeper focus, and we are connected at the level essence.

Benefits to the Recipient

The description above is significant for the receiver because there is an attractor pattern in the universe that - like attracts like; a magnetic pull, if you will, to get into rapport, to align. Perhaps it is due to the unity of all of life, the illusion that the apparent space between all things breaks down into such small particles that there is actually no “space” at all. Therefore, my client and I are aligned.

The benefits of sacred touch are not simply those of “de-stressing,” or achieving a state of relaxation. At the cellular level, we have built-in building blocks, basic elements which support and enhance life. When we stop resisting life, and stop the waste of massive amounts of mental and emotional energy, which result in the depletion of our physical resources, we then release the power to heal within our very essence. In a sacred bodywork treatment, we are ushered into greater ease in order to surrender the “stuff” which locks in a hardened resistance to our very existence.

Client Experiences on Sacred Touch & Therapeutic Bodywork
The content below is authored by client recipients.

Client Comments

"I will say that every massage feels good, but the massage experience I had with Jacquaeline Hellman was exceptional.  I have experienced a dozen massage therapists in the past.  This was different.  The moment I felt her hands on me, feelings of peace, safety, love and relaxation overcame me.  I had never experienced the movement of hands being so poetic and flowing, and masterful.  I could tell, my body could tell, it was in the hands of an expert.  When the massage was complete I was in such a state of relaxation and peace that I could not move.  I felt so loved and cared for that I felt fulfilled and content.  I am truly thankful for the gift that Jacquaeline Hellman possesses, and I recommend her absolutely." 6/12/2010
Rev. Ginger Young

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. "About 10 years ago, I had a pinched sciatic nerve. My therapist and doctor couldn't get me any relief. Jacquaeline Hellman worked on me for almost 2 hours. I walked out of there totally pain free and my pinched nerve has NEVER returned. As a massage therapist, she is FANTASTIC!" 2003
Dave Jagnow

Hear What Clients Have To Say:



Many of us have gone through life feeling alone, even while surrounded by many.
We have believed our lives to be less than perfect and, for whatever reason, have hung on to the very “stuff” we thought would save us,
which has been our greatest demise. 

“... grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

by Reinhold Niebuhr

(Disclaimer: What sacred touch is not: Sacred touchis not about fixing, curing, correcting or manipulating reality.)


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