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What Does "Macro Journey" mean?

"Macro" is a term used by Thea Alexander, Dr. Randolph Stone, and Ernest Holmes, as well as many metaphysicians and mystics. Simply put, it means to have a larger perspective. A Macro awareness recognizes the connectedness of "all that is" and the connectedness therein, even with that which does not seem yet exist. It is noticing our greater purpose here, embracing it and allowing it to embrace us. When we are able to accept the purpose of our most challenging moments, we will have a glimpse into a more Macro existence.

It was with the aid of, what we have coined, Transformational Process Work that I was able to reach the unfoldment of my "shadow parts". These were aspects of myself that had been stored away, isolated, and acted out in a micro type of behavior. This micro behavior, or "parts" if you will, awaited the optimal moment to be retrieved and released. Working with each other, teaching it to others, and learning to work with this dynamic, within myself, has been the unfolding journey toward macro awareness. Acquiring skills and techniques, which have come from many teahcers, have become a life-long adventure. My vision is to participate in the facilitation the macro-evolution within myself and all who wish to participate.

- Definitions -

Macrocosm - The entire universe and cosmos are perceived and trusted in a supernal flame of complete consciousness.

Microcosm - The world of limits, where human beings are enslaved and suffering in limited forms of consciousness.




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