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Teaching Symbol

The founder of Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes,in creating this symbol, intended that the 'V' be open at the top; encouraging us to further explore the many teachers who will take up the mantle in the journey of awakening. I have provided links found on this page (here in this paragraph and below) that will provide a wealth of resources for the study of the Science of Mind, plus other teachers and resources in the expanding and revealing our Inner Source and Higher Power.

The Symbol:
The three horizontal lined sections of the symbol repesent Spirit, Mind, Body (from the top down).
The circle repesents the Unity and Oneness principle.

Ernest Holmes contributed to the raising of awareness of consciousness in our world stimulating a significant movement.
May this information support your journey.
Blessings, Erwin & Jacquaeline Hellman.

A Religious Science Practitioner will pray on behalf of whomever may request their services, using Divine Principle, Truth and what we call "Spiritual Mind Treatment. Licensed practitioners of Religious Science study for at least four years and must pass multiple exams: including written, oral, and psychological. This intensive training provides spiritual counseling skills, as well as, personal transformational opportunities.

Licensed Religious Science Practitioners
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serving through "Global Outreach Connection"

Jacquaeline M Hellman, RScP

([email protected])

Erwin R Hellman, RScP

([email protected])

We are availble for private sessions by appointment

Please email us for location and appointments
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Events Schedule
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  • 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7pm: Spiritual Discussion Group - book "Power vs Force" (David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD)
  • Every Monday, 7pm: Emotions Anonymous
  • workshop to be announced: "Peace Rising"

A Center for Spiritual Living
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Additionally, in the spirit of being 'open at the top', I invite any serious student of consciousness practice and spiritual growth to explore the teachings listed below.
Each resource listed below is a gift with a level of insight and powerful growth previously unattained.

Please find useful links below:

The Presence Process
A powerful process to transform one's life.
Dr. David R Hawkins
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life changing experience with
Dr. David R Hawkins, Ph.D
(author of numerous writings on consciousness)
Pema Chodron
Ani Pema Chodron Buddhist nun and author of several books on Buddha consciousness.

Emotions Anonymous

Twelve Step program for anyone who has ever had negative emotions.
(hint pretty much anyone)

Centers for Spiritual Living

A "New Thought" center
to find a new way of living