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I am in my 15th year as a licensed Religious Science practitioner. I indulge myself with our 'open at the top' teaching with some Buddhist practices, along with my other favorite western-world teachers like Ram Das, Dr. David R Hawkins, Michael Brown, Eckhart Tolle, and Pema Chodron, etc.

My husband of 37 years, Erwin, and I co-sponsor a regular spiritual discussion group, a weekly 12 step group called Emotions Anonymous and together we have team planned and lead retreats. My favorite service, however, has been in teaching principle, which now will be broadened.

And, of course, since I bring my consciousness everywhere I go, I firmly believe that as I do my spiritual work and raise my conscious awareness this consciousness contributes to the global "raising of the sea". I hold steady to being a light in this world and am so very grateful to get the opportunity to serve the Divine in so many ways.

How I got here, from there – a foundation for growth ... (click here to open story)
At around 3 or 4 years old I had my first spiritual experience, unbeknownst to me at the time. I found my awareness expanding to the corner of the bedroom every night for many years, not understanding what it meant; and there was no one to whom I could explain this phenomenon even if I had the vocabulary to do so. It did, however, present the awareness that I was, clearly, not this body. This phenomenon ceased after several years, but it was never forgotten. My father was a 'runaway Catholic' and my mother was a 'holiday Christian', so there was no spiritual information until around 12 or 13 when some friends brought me to a Southern Baptist church where the youth group held great attraction for me. It was there that two things happened that jump started the journey: a Sunday school teacher in this church taught prayer by 'considering a concern and watching for the answer from within' – wow, was I impressed! She also shared the Serenity Prayer which instantly went straight to the heart. I had amazing new tools to get through life! At around 22 I ventured off to an ashram led by Ked Keyes (Handbook to Higher Consciousness), where I lived and studied for several months. This was life changing. Nothing would ever be the same again. After many years of acquiring a great wealth and variety of spiritual practices and teachers, and through many spiritual venues, I found Religious Science. Of the many hurdles along the way there is one that stands out as the hardest and greatest blessing. This gift happened in the duration between my Practitioner written exam and the oral panel; I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Having been a Religious Scientist for several years already and a Holistic Health Practitioner for many more, I had acquired quite a 'holier than tho' belief that I was 'not subject to anything of this nature'. One can imagine my shock. It was a huge blow to my ego, which finally relented and was forced to Surrender, after much agonizing ado. After an extensive multifaceted intubated surgical biopsy I was found to be free of the cancer. The doctors were stunned. They clearly expected me to be dead in 6 months. Was it four years of Practitioner studies and intense prayer that facilitated this miracle!?! As it turns out I actually could have died during that surgery. During fully intubated surgery the anesthesia shuts down the autonomic nervous system; meaning that the brain is not functional, shut down, no activity; therefore, no dreams, no thinking, nothing. Yet, I found myself with my guides. They informed me that I was done, that I had completed my chosen purpose this time and could use this doorway to go home; however, I would have to return, in a new body, to complete the remainder of the journey to enlightenment, in order to be done with this domain. Since enlightenment is my larger purpose, and coming back to a new body, with all of it's 'stuff', I said an emphatic "no, send me back!" I had no idea what I was to face upon making that choice. Whew! I embarked upon a whole new life's journey, starting with being a Practitioner! …with a very different and blessed life view.tent
Stories of Consciousness Rising
Resistance/Non-Resistance: "and it came to pass" A Pain in the Ear or What We Resist Persists

I am available:

-to pray on behalf of whomever may request my services, using "Spiritual Mind Treatment", Truth and Divine Principle.
- for full personal and private Spiritual counciling serivces on a fee basis.

Please email me for private contact information at [email protected]
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Additionally, in the spirit of being 'open at the top', I invite any serious student of consciousness practice and spiritual growth to explore the teachings listed below.
Each resource listed below is a gift with a level of insight and powerful growth previously unattained.

Please find useful links below:

The Presence Process
A powerful process to transform one's life.
Dr. David R Hawkins
Click here to find a
life changing experience with
Dr. David R Hawkins, Ph.D
(author of numerous writings on consciousness)
Pema Chodron
Ani Pema Chodron Buddhist nun and author of several books on Buddha consciousness.

Emotions Anonymous

Twelve Step program for anyone who has ever had negative emotions.
(hint pretty much anyone)

Centers for Spiritual Living

A "New Thought" center
to find a new way of living